Fake Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un crash Olympics Opening Ceremony

Cheryl Sanders
February 10, 2018

At the Winter Olympics, both North and South Korea will march under one flag at the opening ceremony.

North Korea announced it was to send a delegation to Pyeongchang in January after it met its South counterparts in their first high-level talks in more than two years.

A South Korean and a DPRK female ice hockey player passed the Olympic flame to the final torchbearer Kim Yuna, who lit the Olympic cauldron at the main stadium.

U.S. officials have remained suspicious over Kim's intentions as the North cosies up to the South over the Olympics.

Crowds cheered boisterously at the sight of their flags, and even the contingent of Olympic athletes from Russian Federation, their country in the doping doghouse, were greeted with warm applause.

After years of frustration, billions of dollars and a nagging national debate about their worth, the opening ceremonies took place before a world watching the moment not only for its athletic significance and global spectacle, but for clues about what the political future of the peninsula could hold. A volunteer from the Korean organizers carried the flag.

An estimated 35,000 spectators inside the Olympic Stadium were given seat warmers, wind shields, hats and gloves with temperatures as low as -6C during the two hour-long ceremony.

"I won't freeze, " Taufatoua said.

More than 2900 athletes from 92 countries will compete here, making it the biggest Winter Olympics to date.

In December, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) suspended the Russian Olympic Committee over an alleged state-sponsored doping scheme in the country, which led to, according to the IOC, doping abuses by Russian athletes during the 2014 Winter Olympics. "Doesn't everyone want peace?" Those worries eased when he made a decision to send 22 athletes, his sister and a delegation of cheerleaders, officials and performers to the Olympics.

Eager to put a reality check on the thaw in relations, Pence will meet Friday morning with North Korean defectors and pay respects at the Cheonan Memorial in Seoul, which honors the 46 South Korean sailors killed in a 2010 torpedo attack attributed to the North.

After a sudden thaw in ties - following months of rising tensions and North Korean missile tests - South and North Korean athletes will march together at the ceremony, behind the blue-and-white Korean unification flag.

"This is a very special moment for Korea, " he said.

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