Amazon Prime members can get free 2-hour delivery from Whole Foods

Yolanda Curtis
February 8, 2018

Virginia Beach is one of several cities in the country that has Amazon's Prime Now service - which offers one-hour delivery of household items such as paper towels and milk.

Existing relationships between Whole Foods and other delivery services, and Prime Now and other grocers, aren't affected by the new delivery offering, Amazon said.

The Amazon Prime Now delivery service now covers Whole Foods groceries as well, with free two-hour deliveries.

Amazon didn't hesitate to make changes to Whole Foods after acquiring it late a year ago. Walmart is No 1, followed by Kroger, Costco and Albertsons.

To place an order, customers can either access the Whole Foods Market section on the Prime Now website or use the Prime Now app for iOS and Android.

Amazon is putting its Whole Foods acquisition to good use, adding Whole Foods groceries to its Prime Now delivery service. It estimates as of January, Amazon had 18% of online grocery sales in the United States.

Amazon and its subsidiary Whole Foods have started a trial program in four U.S. cities to deliver groceries and other goods directly from Whole Foods. Unlike regular Amazon orders, filled by Amazon employees at enormous, purpose-built Amazon fulfillment centers, the Whole Foods orders will be filled by pickers who will actually go down the aisles of nearby Whole Food stores. "They will pick the items, put them in appropriate packaging to maintain the chill chain and pack them".

Those pickers will not necessarily be Whole Foods staffers.

Landry said in a statement that, "This is where we're starting".

The orders will then be handed off to Amazon Flex delivery drivers. She didn't specify how many items would be available for quick delivery, but said the selection encompassed "the vast majority of things that people buy most frequently", including produce, meat and seafood, and other staples. All purchases must add up to $35 or more and the service will be available daily between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m.

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