White House Press Briefing with Sarah Huckabee Sanders

Cheryl Sanders
January 16, 2018

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders defended President Donald Trump amid accusations that he is racist by claiming his time on television absolved him of such a label.

Sanders was referring to Trump's show, "The Apprentice", and the franchise it launched.

"He has had a huge year of - in 2017, one of the best first years of any president that we've seen, certainly with massive legislation passed, with the tax cuts, the economy is booming, ISIS is in retreat", she continued.

She went on to say that she thinks it is an "outrageous and ludicrous excuse" for Democrats to be claiming he is a racist when they wanted to be with him at events and fundraisers. In this case, the statement involved his belief that the United States should cease to admit immigrants from Africa because, even though African immigrants have high levels of educational attainment, Trump deems the countries - and, by extension, their populations - to be "shitholes" or "shithouses".

The comment came as she pushed back against Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer's (D., N.Y.) call for President Donald Trump to prove he is not a racist by supporting a bipartisan compromise on the Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) immigration program.

"People act like we should have, that the president is outrageous for not jumping on to a bad deal", said Sanders. The success of the show served as a launching pad for his presidential campaign. The last thing he will do is sign on to another one. "He's not going to apologize for trying to fix our immigration system". Many have railed against her before for showing Trump unflagging support, but hey, she's just doing her job.

"I think you saw a lot of members voice the same opinions of being committed to getting something done and hopefully they will be serious about it." said Sanders.

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