Former assistant of Harvey Weinstein breaks silence in first TV interview

Carla Harmon
December 22, 2017

According to Zelda, she wasn't able to openly discuss her interactions with the "repulsive monster" and "master manipulator" for an extended period of time because of a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) she signed years ago.

Actress Tara revealed the news in reaction to director Peter Jackson's confession that he essentially blacklisted Ashley Judd and Mira Sorvino, two actresses who had rejected Weinstein's advances, from his movies after Weinstein told him they were a nightmare to work with. "I was wrong", she told the BBC.

As part of a settlement agreement, Perkins signed an ironclad non-disclosure agreement.

"All she said to me was, "always sit in an armchair, don't ever sit on a sofa next to him, and always keep your puffer jacket on".

Meanwhile, the BBC has said Miramar told them they had no comment on Ms Perkins accusations and lawyers representing the assistant at the time of the non-disclosure agreement have said it would be inappropriate for them to comment.

She said she knew the only way to get Weinstein to the table was by making a monetary request, so Ms Perkins made an agreement that would be as binding for him as it would be for her: a way to prevent him from harming other people.

While Weinstein denied the alleged sexual assault, Perkins returned to the United Kingdom and claims to have spoken to a senior member of Miramax who suggested she got a lawyer.

Perkins said she expected criminal proceedings to follow, but her legal team made it clear that the choices available were limited.

"We returned to the UK I spoke to my only senior in the Miramax offices and she suggested that I got a lawyer".

Dozens of women in Hollywood have accused Weinstein of sexual harassment, assault and rape after the New York Times published an explosive report in October about previously undisclosed allegations against him.

"I don't think he's a sex addict". "Everydiv now says why did everyone go to his hotel room", Perkins said. "We were at the Venice Film Festival and he tried to rape [my colleague]". Perkins says she assumed the relationships were consensual, though she admitted that some woman seemed reluctant to come and meet with him. His legal team kept stalling and, "after this process, I was pretty broken and exhausted", Perkins said.

In signing the NDA, the personal assistant received $168,000 for her silence.

'If I can make one good thing happen out of something as horrific as all the damage that Harvey has caused, that makes this year a fantastic year for me, ' she added. "There were a couple of occasions where I made attempts to circumnavigate my agreement, but it was nearly impossible for me", she said. "I presumed they were consensual [relationships], but there were obviously some women who were reluctant to come".

She added: "I understand that non-disclosure agreements have a place in society, and for both sides. You can not have a legal document that protects a criminal".

It's unclear what legal repercussions Perkins faces from breaking her confidentially agreement.

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