World of Tanks getting Xbox One X enhanced

Andrew Cummings
November 8, 2017

However, the bundle is not for everyone (not yet on sale) with the company touting it as the VIP Kit, which will be given away to today's top athletes, influencers and gamers.

Guillemot said that with the PS4 Pro having launched just last year and Xbox One X this year, they believe that it will be at least another two years until a new console gets released.

The 1TB Xbox One X will retail for A$649 in Australia, which is actually more affordable than in America, where it sells for US$499 (factoring exchange rates and sales tax).

The Xbox One X patch for the first person survival shooter, ARK: Survival Evolved arrives on Microsoft's beefed up console today.

And we go well beyond just games.

As the market for PC gaming continues to escalate, it seems Microsoft's consumer gaming division, is not only in competition with consoles such as Sony's PlayStation, but also the suite of high-tech PC gaming hardware that is continuing to rise in demand.

Have you picked up the Xbox One X yet?

The Xbox One X uses its increased power to deploy a technology dubbed as supersampling, which offers similar benefits to those on old TV's as well.

The new Xbox One X gaming console features a new HDD, for quicker loading times. In addition, the console makes the older games, such as the Rise of the Tomb Raider and Gears of War 4, look more attractive.

That's the question Sony is likely hoping that United Kingdom gamers will ask themselves as it launches a console and game bundle at the exact same price that the Xbox One X is retailing for: £449.99.

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