Planes' wings clip each other at JFK in NY

Andrew Cummings
November 28, 2017

Two airplanes had a near-miss in New York's JFK Airport on Tuesday as their wings clipped on the taxiway, fortunately resulting in no injuries. The airline says the flight was delayed overnight so they could fully check it.

There were no reports of any injuries, but the Port Authority of NY and New Jersey said both aircraft returned to the terminal.

A spokesman for Virgin said: 'Our VS4 flight from NY to London Heathrow sustained damage to the wingtip whilst taxing to the runway at JFK airport on November 27.

The incident happened at 7:05 p.m., according to the Port Authority of NY and New Jersey. The FAA was investigating late Monday.

A pilot of a Virgin Atlantic Flight reported he needed to pull over to address a technical issue before take off.

Photos shared on social media show how the knocked-off piece of wing was loaded onto a truck and driven away as the plane returned to the terminal.

Tower: "All right hold position Virgin, 4-Charlie".

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