Josh Groban was 'half a block' from NYC attack

Carla Harmon
November 2, 2017

Eight people were killed and over a dozen injured in what is being called the worst terror attack in NY since September 11, 2001. He'd been even closer to the site but was distracted by his dog, he said, who pulled him to a park half a block away just moments before.

In a series of tweets, Groban said he was walking his dog not far from the site of the attack, and had originally meant to grab coffee even closer.

Josh Groban revealed in a series of tweets on Tuesday afternoon that he was near the scene of a terrorist attack in New York City, and that he was unharmed.

The star posted a rather calm photo of his dog with the caption, "Two things get me through my week".

After hearing the news of the attack, the singer returned to social media and shared further details about the terrifying experience: "I hope everyone's ok", he tweeted. "My shrink, and meeting friends at the dog park".

Groban went on to explain that he was only half a block away from the attack when it happened, saying he heard what he thought was "eight to 10 quick rounds fired off". "Didn't see shots only heard".

"I was just walking out of school heading in that direction and heard the shots", a student from nearby Borough of Manhattan Community College told Business Insider.

The suspect authorities have since identified as Sayfullo Saipov, 29, drove a Home Depot rental pickup truck at least 10 blocks down the West Side Highway bike path. "Be safe with your kids out there".

"I'm shaking", wrote Groban.

Josh also applauded the emergency crews for how quickly they handled the situation, tweeting a video of the NYPD and Fire Department doing their jobs. He then pointed out the resilience of the city, noting that the sounds of sirens and trick-or-treaters filled the streets equally.

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