Andrea Jenkins becomes Minneapolis' first transgender city council member

Cheryl Sanders
November 8, 2017

Her win was part of a Democratic swing across the country, with the party winning the races for governor in Virginia and New Jersey and winning the NY mayoral race in a landslide. Her goal is to create records of the experiences of transgender and gender non-conforming people for historians. In her role as an aide to departing Minneapolis City Council President Elizabeth Glidden, Jenkins worked to revitalize poor neighborhoods. Voters were impressed by her campaign, in which she pushed for better, more affordable housing as well as fair policing and a higher minimum wage.

Jenkins' victory followed another historic election result Tuesday night as Virginia House of Delegates candidate Roem (D) defeated incumbent Marshall to become the state's first openly transgender elected official. She is also a poet, author, and performance artist, according to the Advocate.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune hasn't called the race yet, but Jenkins may be joined on city council by Phillipe Cunningham, an openly trans man, who is in a neck-and-neck race in the city's Fourth Ward. President Donald Trump has attempted to ban trans soldiers from the military, and his admin has rolled back protections for transgender students.

She was one of several transgender women to win office yesterday: In California, Lisa Middleton won a seat on the Palm Springs City Council, while in Virginia Danica Roem became the first trans candidate to be elected to the Virginia Legislature.

On a historic night for trans representation in the United States, 33-year-old Tyler Titus became the first trans person elected in Pennsylvania, as he won a place on the Erie School Board.

"When people do try to enact policies that are going to be detrimental to these communities, I can be that voice to derail that, to stop that, to resist".

"We're really trying to bring some resources to underserved, underinvested communities", she said.

She feels that by having a trans woman of color in the room, it changes the conversation, and gives the community a platform it lacked before. "Representation is power, and we need more of it".

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