Dow Jones posts fake story claiming Google was buying Apple ars_ab.settitle(1183929)

Andrew Cummings
October 11, 2017

The Dow Jones newswire rattled markets on Tuesday by publishing a clearly fake story claiming that Google was buying Apple. The transaction would have changed the technology industry, but people all over the world knew right away that it was fake news. The fake stories have now been removed by DJ.

The Dow Jones Newswires have Google CEO Larry Page having "secret talks" with Jobs in 2010 to strike the deal, which supposedly was announced when Jobs' will was read in Cupertino, Calif.

Dow Jones has since put out a statement saying that the freaky, now removed, headlines were the result of a "technical error". The fantasy deal "gives each Google shareholder nine shares of Apple stock.Google employees said, "Yay.". The story claimed that Apple founder Steve Jobs put the purchase price-an absurdly small $9 billion-in his will.

Whilst the contents of the story make it obvious that the news is completely fake, the existence of real-time high-speed trading means the jump to $158 was nearly certainly caused by automatic computer algorithms rather than real people. However, it appears that either one of Dow Jones' employees hit the publish button for the Google-Apple story by mistake, or a system glitch did so. After the incident, erroneous reports dominated the platforms of Facebook and Google, showing that the services are still suffering from the fake news problem despite many promises to resolve the issue.

Update: Dow Jones provided the following statement on the matter.

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