Check For Registered Offenders Before Halloween

Henrietta Brewer
October 31, 2017

She noted there also are more officers on duty on Halloween night, visiting registered sex offenders at random as part of their normal residential checks and being more visible in the community.

"The most simple thing they can do is have knowledge of sex offenders within their community", Lt. Jacob Reach with the Jefferson County Sheriff's office said.

Fortunately, there are resources available to help parents locate offenders before their children take to the streets in search of candy. You can locate registered offenders and how far their away from an address.

The Cook County Sheriff's office wants to make sure registered sex offenders are not going to be home to answer the door to trick-or-treaters on Halloween.

The balance between treats and tricks can also be hard.

Up until November 1, TDOC officers are going door-to-door to make sure sex offenders are following state guidelines.

The state of Texas has a mobile application, Texas DPS, that lets the user plan know where registered sex offenders reside.

Texas has strict laws that require sex offenders to report on Halloween, he explained, adding that those convicted of sex crimes who have completed parole or probation are not required to report to those undisclosed locations.

You can find the Mississippi Sex Offender Registry here.

Lentz says it's a good idea to arm yourself with the information to know if there are predatory offenders in your neighborhood.

Burgos said she does this search before they go trick-or-treating every year.

"There are strict rules for sex offenders in order to make sure everyone stays safe", Sheriff Rick Staly said.

"That only leaves us about 150 living in the free world", said Rankin County Sheriff Bryan Bailey.

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