Blizzard Job Listing Points to New Overwatch Game

Yolanda Curtis
October 10, 2017

Overwatch Halloween loot boxes will launch in less than an hour and will include a mix of new cosmetics, and ones from the 2016 event. While there have been a lot of skins for Overwatch, the Halloween event always ends up producing some of the best looking ones in the entire game.

The design will be the same as last year's, popping up in special Jack-o-lantern boxes until November 2.

Typically past Overwatch events have all started at the same time and we see no reason Blizzard will deviate from their usual procedure.

Stay tuned for more information.

Endless Night is a derivative of Junkenstein's Revenge, and it is a simple co-op horde mode that pits players against endless waves of enemies in incremental difficulty until either the enemies reach the doors of Adlersbrunn or the players get wiped out.

But, if Halloween Terror is anything like the 2017 Summer Games event, then Blizzard will nearly certainly bring back all of last year's skins at a cheaper price.

The Reaper skin for the Overwatch Halloween Terror event back in 2016. (The previous skins from last year's event will also be available again as well). In fact, players from across different platforms, the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the PC, will be able to experience the event simultaneously starting October 10, Friday. The new skins were sold at 3,000 credits. These items from a year ago will go for the normal base game rates so a Legendary item will cost 1,000 coins instead of the inflated 3,000 rate they typically run for.

Another Reaper skin for Halloween, is that suppose to be a ski mask?

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