Nintendo Sued Over Switch Detachable Controller Design

Pablo Tucker
August 11, 2017

Nintendo's Switch console has been wildly successful since its release early past year.

Video games maker Nintendo and its subsidiary Nintendo of America have been taken to court in the U.S. over alleged patent infringement. Then a company claiming to own a patent describing handheld systems including the Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS filed a lawsuit that also had to be fought and won.

Gamevice demands that Nintendo stop selling the Switch, pays damages for infringing the patent, and pays attorney fees, costs, and all other expenses related to the action.

According to the suit, Gamevice argues that the switch and its Joy-Cons are too close to Gamevice's combination of detachable game controller and a device with a "flexible bridge section".

Gamevice is claiming that Nintendo has infringed on its patents.

Gamevice stated to Engadget that they have no comment on the case at this time and Nintendo have yet to give comment. Needless to say, this accessory was designed in a way in that you could play mobile games using traditional console controls.

The Gamevice Wikipad, an accessory to turn a tablet into handheld gaming device. The Wikipad is an Android tablet with its own controller, with a layout similar to that of the Switch when it's in Tablet mode. Nintendo has already sold 4.7 million Switch consoles since it first launched back in March.

With Gamevice's lawsuit against Nintendo, it could possibly become a threat to the Switch's success moving forward.

Fortunately, Nintendo appears to be working on a solution, telling fans that more units be available for the end of the year.

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