John Cena, Brock Lesnar Returning to WWE 'Monday Night Raw'

Ross Houston
August 20, 2017

The Universal champion's advocate Paul Heyman has said they both will leave WWE if Lesnar is not victorious in a fatal-four-way match for his title against Samoa Joe, Braun Strowman, and Roman Regins.

Brian Fritz of Between The Ropes interviewed WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle at the WWE 2K18 event last night in New York City, as seen in the video above.

In the lead-up to Friday's protest, Stevens and his friends showed up on Thursday at an autograph signing session featuring WWE Champion Jinder Mahal, handing out flyers and inviting people to take part in the demonstration.

Since Great Balls of Fire, Reigns, Strowman and Samoa Joe have been intricately involved in the Universal Championship picture.

At the same time, assuming Nakamura wins the WWE Title on Sunday, Corbin losing his briefcase on SmackDown takes away the chance of him cashing in.

The likelihood that Lesnar bowls over all three competitors en route to a squash win is low.

Prediction: Strowman's reign begins. Nothing against these two ladies, Natalya is one of the best workers on in the company and SmackDown Women's Champion Naomi is arguably the best athlete in the division, but their match received nearly no build on television. The attack meant that nobody really won that main event match, even if it was a non-title situation. The big victor here could be the fans, as major ring entrances are expected for both men.

First up, a few of the title matches. He would immediately interject himself into the main-event scene on SmackDown Live and have the opportunity to claim the WWE Championship.

Money in the Bank cash Emma can not be the easy victory everyone uses to jump the line, which is quickly what her character on Raw has become as she whines and then loses.

- Shane McMahon will be the special guest referee for this match, and that could be bad news for Styles. This one is a coin toss, as flawless booking has left us guessing who could come out on top. It could be a way to build towards a Team Shane vs. Team Owens match at Survivor Series. Sheamus and Cesaro are two of the most reliable wrestlers on the roster and Seth and Dean have utterly potent chemistry as opponents and now back together as a team. But after a 124-day reign as champs, it seems doubtful The Usos would reclaim the titles.

The former tag team champions have been stuck in a rut in terms of booking for some time. Not only does it give Corbin, the heel, something to feed his character for the next few months, it also gives more heat behind his match with Cena and if Nakamura wins the title (whether that's at SummerSlam or in another month), it gives him the full spotlight. Cena and Corbin will do battle at SummerSlam this Sunday.

Despite Orton's dubious numbers and Rusev's lackluster existence lately, this match is as tough to call as any on the SummerSlam card. Then suddenly, a wild Big Show appears and we have a match - a rematch mind you - between the two big guys with Enzo in a shark cage. Yay?

If creative has their heart set on keeping Finn Balor a babyface for the time being, the three men being on the same show serves purely as a tease. The question is where does this go from here?

Tozawa upset Neville by beating him on RAW for the Cruiserweight Championship. Expect Carmella to at least try to cash in because the moment has been teased too much for her not to. The Miz and his Miztourage: The Miz is as entertaining as anyone in WWE today. The pacing could be a bit weird but Rusev does great work and Randy can have great matches when he wants to. Expect the same here.

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