Questions Surround Foreign Women Found After ISIS Defeat in Mosul

Yolanda Curtis
July 19, 2017

A new report says civilian deaths have skyrocketed during the USA -led war against ISIS under President Donald Trump.

A new investigation by Airwars for The Daily Beast has logged a massive escalation in civilian deaths caused by coalition air strikes in Iraq and Syria against ISIS, as led by President Donald Trump's White House. But as of July 13, roughly six months into Trump's presidency, over 2,200 civilians have likely died from coalition strikes.

Obama left office claiming his drone program killed only around 100 civilians, but independent estimates put that figure much higher. A few moments later, he made her wildest dreams come true.

Two military strikes were conducted in Mosul, the capital of the Islamic State in Iraq.

As the Iraqi Army has retaken Mosul from ISIS, Human Rights Watch has documented forces detaining "thousands of men and boys in inhumane conditions without charge, and in some cases torturing and executing them". "Many told me that they survived such hardship, and nearly made it out with the families, only to lose all their loved ones in a strike before they had time to flee". First, he delegated authority to the right level to aggressively and in a timely manner move against enemy vulnerabilities.

Airwars asked the DoD if the new war plan would result in more civilian casualties, but the Pentagon just pointed to Mattis' comments.

The U.S. #Department Of Defense tally of strikes against ISIS in Syria shows a total of 22 air strikes in 24 engagements.

In March 2017, when General Mattis implemented his new plan, so began the increase in civilian deaths from airstrikes against ISIS.

As of July 16th, US and coalition forces are still in the midst of an active engagement against #ISIS militants in Raqqa and Mosul.

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