HTC apologises after ads appearing on the default keyboard

Yolanda Curtis
July 17, 2017

Ads will be removed "as quickly as possible", while in the meantime, folks on Twitter are being told to locate the TouchPal app in the Settings menu and uninstall its updates. As if it weren't bad enough to be faced with ads no matter what corner of the Interwebs you go, HTC has decided that you should also see them in nearly all screens of your smartphone. This would suggest that previous updates to the keyboard added the necessary code to make the ads possible.

As spotted over the weekend by Reddit user Azirack on his HTC 10, banner ads were automatically appearing within an updated TouchPal keyboard on phones like the HTC 10. And since they are the customer's first recourse, users will naturally blame them or come to them for solutions or both. On the one hand that is an easy thing to do. Removing those ads require users to purchase the paid version of the keyboard. We've seen it since the early days of Android, and HTC has been open to these kinds of partnerships. Since the Trivago application looks to already be installed on this person's phone, you can see how some people came to that assumption. Tap on that and accept the warnings.

For its part, HTC has responded to widespread anger with the promise of a "fix" coming soon, as "this is absolutely not the experience we intended". Users aren't pleased by the sudden change which alters their overall experience.

Phone-maker HTC says it will fix an "error" that let advertisements pop up on the keyboard on some of its phones. "For assistance please go to". However, these ads on the HTC 10 keyboard are coming due to their use of a third party keyboard as their default keyboard app. HTC uses "TouchPal for HTC" as their default HTC 10 keyboard app. Hopefully this is the first and last time such an unintentional misstep happens.

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