Google launches new Google Glass 2 years after scrapping them

Yolanda Curtis
July 18, 2017

While the history books are still being written, we may one day look back on Google Glass and determine that it was ahead of its time. Now almost two years later, Glass is back.

Google Glass Enterprise Edition has been revealed by Alphabet X and instead of targeting it towards a public that just isn't interested, it's pushing it towards businesses where it's likely to have much more success. This is not where Glass was originally headed, but like any good road trip, the destination can change on a whim.

Following successful experiments in various business establishments, a network of Google Glass partners is now organized to build "custom end-to-end solutions" fitting your "exact business needs". It has software specifically created to meets the needs of workers in fields like manufacturing, logistics and healthcare. The wearable head-mounted display has long had a place in the enterprise, even as its death as an experimental consumer product was being widely reported, but now we know a bit more about the EE hardware reconfiguration and Google's approach to deploying the revised product (via Wired). The built-in camera raised privacy and piracy issues too.

According to Kothari, the Google Glass Enterprise Edition glasses are lighter and more "comfortable for long term wear", alongside a better battery life and support for those who need prescription glasses. There are a wide range of applications for this sort of thing.

It is also being used in the healthcare industry. However, while the original USD1,500 Glass Explorer's Edition was no longer available to the public, Alphabet continued to supply USA companies like GE, Boeing DHL and AGCO. These businesses were able to integrate the glasses into their work environments in a practical way and reported marked efficiency increases and paperwork decreases as a result of using the technology.

Using Glass, healthcare professionals can take notes while they talk with their patients, which cuts down on the time they have to spend typing up notes, for instance. DHL, the German logistics and postal company, has also trialed the new Glass and has plans to roll it out to staff in 2,000 warehouses around the world. Going forward, the Glass team and its customers will be collaborating with the team from Google Cloud to see how far this project can go.

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