Google Home Launches In Australia

Yolanda Curtis
July 18, 2017

Google WiFi will be available from July 20 from the same stores as the Google Home.

What's the weather? Ask Google Home and it will tell you.

The Australian version of Google Home has been created to understand Australian accents, and will speak back to householders using an Australian accent, too. The open source initiative is seeking to help users access a deeper level of customization on their Google router via its dedicated GitHub page.

Google Home is a voice-activated, always-listening powered speaker: if you start a phrase with the words "OK Google", it'll hear it and interpret the words that you speak next, whether it's a specific phrase like "what's the weather like today?" or a natural language question like "what was the name of the victor of Eurovision in 2010?". Google Home can do that, too. "You can also ask it what sound a Kookaburra makes, and it'll cue the laughter we all know and love", the company wrote on a blog post.

As many as six Google accounts can be programmed into each Google Play device, allowing householders to do things like check their calendar, just by barking commands like "OK Google, what do I have on today" across the room. This means you get to call up tracks, albums, remixes and more - all completely ad-free.

"We spent a lot of time making sure it understands Aussie accents, understands Aussie words like servo (service station), brekky (breakfast), and also put an Aussie personality in many aspects of the product", Shah added. Whether you select Amazon Echo or Google Home, you have to decide if you trust the company behind the assistant that is monitoring your home.

Google Wifi is a wireless router that provides reliable internet throughout your house via a mesh network of individual Wi-Fi points.

Consider it your personal connection to Google, because that's essentially what it is, with a small cylindrical device that is mostly speaker with a couple of lights up top, and a microphone that is always listening out for you to say "OK Google", or even treat it like a friend and just say "Hey Google". "The result is Wi-Fi coverage even in hard-to reach areas, not just right next to the router", Shah said.

Google Home can be found online on Google's store as well as at JB HiFi, Harvey Norman, Officeworks, The Good Guys, as well as both Optus and Telstra stores from July 20 for $199.

It's late, I've just plugged the Google Home voice assistant in, and I've got a fridge full of pumpkin and pie crusts and Thanksgiving is three weeks away.

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