Woman accused of leak ordered to remain jailed pending trial

Carla Harmon
June 9, 2017

Victor pleaded not guilty to one count of "willful retention and transmission of national defense information" during her detention hearing Thursday.

"This is where they held her when they did the search of the house and this is where they interrogated her", said Winner's mother, Billie-Winner Davis. Federal Bureau of Investigation agent Justin Garrick said in an affidavit that victor admitted she copied a classified report containing top-secret information and mailed it to an online news organization.

Television personality Rosie O'Donnell donated $1,000 to a GoFundMe campaign set up for Reality Winner, the 25-year-old contractor accused of illegally leaking US secrets.

NBC reported that victor was denied bail and that she said nothing as she was led away in shackles in an orange jumpsuit.

We do know that the way she got the report to The Intercept was just about too stupid to be true.

"She offered up her life for this nation and to see her treated so vilely is an insult to every person who's ever worn a uniform", Davis said. O'Donnell has since been praising victor via Twitter, caller her a "patriot". "There's no reason to hold her".

Winner, a 25-year-old former Air Force linguist, yoga instructor, and former contractor at one of the National Security Agency's (NSA) eavesdropping center in Georgia, leaked a top-secret intelligence report about the Russians interfering with the American election, The New York Times reports. The NSA report was dated May 5, the same as the document victor is charged with leaking.

Victor grew up in Kingsville, Texas, and enlisted in the Air Force after graduating from high school.

Victor had just separated from the Air Force, where she had been a cryptographic linguist. During that time, he said, victor provided real-time translation to Americans conducting field missions.

Davis said she received a commendation for aiding in the deaths of more than 100 enemy combatants and more than 250 enemy captures.

"If she made this mistake", Davis said, referring to the leaked documents, "it needs to be balanced against what she has done in the past and how she has served this country". Why did this high-security clearance employee of the National Security Agency, with no prior stain on her record, see fit to copy and send a top secret NSA report to a website which was a self-appointed purveyor of government leaks? But the NSA has operated a $286 million complex in Augusta since 2012.

On social media, victor mostly shared glimpses into her life far removed from politics — such as watching Dr.

Apparently, outraged at the Trump electoral victory and the administration's performance, she came to view it as her patriotic duty to expose Russian hacking of election-related targets, thus giving further credence to the claim by the president's political opponents that his presidency is illegitimate.

On Facebook, Winner posted concerns about climate change and lamented that "people voted for a soulless ginger orangutan".

The FBI. claims that victor confessed when she was confronted with the charges, and the Department of Justice announced that this is the first criminal leak case in President Trump's term. In court, lawyers for the government say victor confessed to wanting the information to be made public, knowing it could hurt the USA government.

Prosecutors announced Monday that they had charged victor with sharing top-secret material with a media outlet.

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