Wallenda hangs by teeth from helicopter over Niagara Falls

Cheryl Sanders
June 17, 2017

While she didn't need it, a fall from that height would nearly certainly mean death.

"It's kind of unsafe, but it's lovely in the same way, which I kind of think that that's what we do".

"If you're scared of it, then it becomes unsafe", Erendira told reporters ahead of the performance, The Buffalo News reports.

Nik described his wife's performance Thursday as "absolutely awesome".

"But this is about the attention of the world to this region and we've proven that twice now", he said.

Erendira Wallenda said her training in the rain and mist of Florida, where they live, helped prepare her for the conditions expected on Thursday.

The Wallendas have talked about opening a Wallenda-themed entertainment complex in Niagara Falls for several years, but there has been little, if any, public progress.

"The dream would be to have a permanent theatre basically here where we can perform throughout the summer for all the tourists ..." During a performance at the Detroit State Fair, the Wallenda pyramid toppled, sending two troupe members to their deaths and leaving a third paralyzed.

"She's a ballerina in the air", he said.

"It's hard to believe because I was in a small seated arena and was holding my breath so I can't imagine the falls", said O'Brien. "I don't think people realize the magnitude of Niagara Falls around the world".

Wallenda said she was caught off guard by the windy conditions above the cataracts, something her husband had to deal with during his 2012 stunt. "To be out there watching her ... she had a huge grin on her face the whole time".

Imagine hanging outside of a helicopter flying over Niagara Falls. "And not too many people can say they married someone with the same passions that they have".

"Just the thrill of actually seeing her, knowing she was that high up with the helicopter, all the wind from that and then holding by her teeth, I just can't describe it".

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