Victim in Roman Polanski Rape Case Asks Judge to Dismiss Case

Carla Harmon
June 14, 2017

The woman who was raped by noted filmmaker Roman Polanski when she was 13-years-old is set to ask a court to end the case against him, according to media reports.

"I implore you to consider taking action to finally bring this matter to a close as an act of mercy to myself and my family", she said.

The judge said he would issue a written ruling on her request to dismiss the case, but it was unclear when it would be released.

In April, a Los Angeles Superior Court judge rejected a motion by Polanski's lawyer that asked for assurances the filmmaker would not serve more jail time if he returned to the United States.

Polanski's lawyer Harland Braun told the BBC: "She is coming with her husband because she is exhausted of this case going on for 40 years".

Since the beginning, Geimer has said she did not want Polanski to serve time, but simply admit his wrongdoing.

Polanski, now 83, fled the United States to France in 1978 before his sentencing.

Outside court, Geimer, who now lives in Hawaii, said she was glad to "have had the chance to speak and not just be a spectator". It is said to support the notion that Polanski has already served more than the prison time required under a plea deal which now-deceased Judge Laurence Rittenband planned to scrap, leading Polanski to flee the country in 1978.

Polanksi's attorney, Harland Braun, asked the judge on Friday to unseal testimony about the 1977 plea deal. She said that she was exhausted of prosecutors using a crime committed against her used by them to further their careers.

She told the court that she was no longer afraid to speak out and had been subjected to "insult and mistreatment" by the original judge in the case and prosecutors, and simply wanted the legal drama settled. It just wasn't as traumatic to me as everyone believed it was.

Now, Roman's own victim is begging the courts to drop the case and let Polanski return without fear of prosecution.

In April, Gordon rejected Polanski's latest effort to be tried in absentia, ruling that Polanski must first return to the USA and submit to the court's jurisdiction before the case can be resolved.

Under intense public scrutiny, the judge reneged on his promise, telling the attorneys in chambers that he would send Polanski back to prison for the remaining 48 days, after which the director would have to voluntarily deport himself or face a much lengthier sentence.

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Ms Geimer has previously said she forgives Polanski for the assault, which took place at Jack Nicholson's home in the Hollywood Hills during a March 1977 photo shoot.

The director supplied the minor with champagne and a portion of a sedative pill before raping her, grand jury transcripts stated. A lawyer for Polanski says his sex crime victim will appeal to a judge to end the case against him.

She fielded some questions by reporters who were critical of her requests for the rape case to be dismissed, but she told them that she felt the "legal system had abused both her and Polanski".

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