Trump to interview two candidates for FBI director today

Cheryl Sanders
June 2, 2017

Former FBI Director James Comey plans to testify publicly before the Senate as early as next week, CNN is reporting.

US President Donald Trump (L) speaks in Ypilanti Township, Michigan March 15, 2017 and Federal Bureau of Investigation director James Comey testifies before a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing in Washington, DC, May 3, 2017 in a combination of file photos.

Pistole would replace Comey, who was sacked as he led an investigation into possible collusion between Trump's campaign and Russian Federation to sway the 2016 presidential election. "He's happy to testify, and he's happy to cooperate."Another source also opened up to Politico about the case, confirming that Comey's testimony can come as early as next week".

Comey will discuss his interactions with Trump, during which the president allegedly pressured the former director to provide information regarding ongoing FBI investigations.

The Times said the memo, read to the paper by one of the ousted FBI chief's associates, depicts the president urging Comey to close down an investigation into Flynn's Russian connections.

In an interview on Fox News on Tuesday, Conway said Dubke "made very clear that he would see through the president's global trip, and come to work every day and work hard even through that trip because there was much to do here back at the White House".

While the admission might've proven obstruction of justice, Comey's testimonial may give life to a possibility to the talk (or idea) of impeachment.

Since his firing last month, dramatic accounts have emerged in the New York Times, CNN, and elsewhere about the tense confrontations with Trump that Comey memorialized in memos afterward.

The White House did not immediately respond to Fox News' request for comment as to whether any of those candidates are still under consideration.

Trump had first considered list of candidates with political experience, including Sen.

In a separate development, a senior Justice Department lawyer with experience in complex financial fraud investigations has agreed to join Mueller's investigation. When Comey was sacked, White House officials first claimed it was due to his handling of the investigation into Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server when she was secretary of state.

The news comes a week after The Washington Post reported that Trump didn't just try to cock-block Comey, but also the director of the NSA and the director of national intelligence.

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