Trump, Modi reaffirm Indian-US relations with a hug

Andrew Cummings
June 28, 2017

He said that "I'm proud to announce to the media, to the American people and to the Indian people that Prime Minister Modi and I are world leaders in social media". And Modi was the first foreign leader for whom Trump hosted a dinner at the White House.

Five US senators signed a letter to Trump expressing concern about violations of religious liberty in India, including discrimination against religious-based aid groups, and asking him to make the issue a top priority during Modi's visit. As global partners, the United States and India resolved to further strengthen their collaboration in health, space, oceans, and other areas of science and technology.

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"Congress is particularly disappointed by the fact the US President acknowledged the accomplishments of India under Modi during the last three years", Naidu said, adding that Trump particularly referred to the comprehensive battle against corruption launched during NDA rule.

Although Modi's two-day Washington visit, which began Sunday, is lower-key than his previous three trips to the USA since he took office in 2014, it has included plenty of face-time with Trump.

Shortly after Trump's election, obstacles emerged on issues such as trade and visas for Indians wanting to work in the United States. He added, "I am sure that the convergence between my vision for a "new India" and President Trump's vision for "making America great again" will add new dimensions to our cooperation".

While the leaders of the world's two largest democracies touted their common interests during the White House visit, Trump's "America First" policies of economic nationalism also have brought to the fore some sharp differences with India.

"It is important that barriers be removed to the export of United States goods into your markets and that we reduce our trade deficit with your country", he said. India is on a path towards massive economic growth over the next eight to ten years and the opportunity for investments from both sides is apparent.

"Fighting against terrorism and destroying the hideouts of the terrorists will be an important part of our mutual cooperation", the Prime Minister said.

U.S. President Donald Trump is notorious for his bone-crunching power handshake, during which he forcefully yanks his counterpart's arm in a bid to hammer home his "alpha-male" supremacy.

Pence also had a one-on-one meeting with Modi at the White House on Monday. By then Trump appeared to be ready, and welcomed the parting gesture by patting Modi kindly on the back. "It is with the help of Netherlands that India successfully got membership of Missile Technology Control Regime a year ago, thank you", Modi said during a press statement at Catshuis in the Hague.

India is now the world's fastest growing major economy, a status that Modi is hoping to cement by drawing in more foreign investment - in part by encouraging manufacturers to do business in Asia's third-largest economy.

The future of the Indo-US partnership has never looked brighter and the best days for the two nations are yet to come, Vice President Mike Pence said today.

He set the United States on a path to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement and accused India of negotiating unscrupulously for the accord in order to walk away with billions of dollars in aid.

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