Trump misunderstood MIT climate research, university officials say

Andrew Cummings
June 5, 2017

Those who supported Trump's decision to pull out of the deal aren't concerned about local actions on climate, as long as the United States is not a party to the worldwide agreement, said Tom Pyle, president of the conservative American Energy Alliance.

"I would refrain from judging President Trump right now because it was President Obama who made the decision [on joining the Paris Agreement - TASS], so maybe the new president believes it was not well-conceived, maybe he thinks there are not enough resources", Putin explained.

Now, those state and local leaders should go and think about whether they're really doing what they can to reduce our nation's carbon footprint.

Coal has suffered a steep and sustained decline in the US since cheap, abundant supplies of cleaner-burning natural gas supplanted it as the main fuel for power generation.

That also comes along with revelations from a top USA general that the Russians are arming the anti-American Taliban in Afghanistan; something especially shocking considering the battlefield successes of the Taliban after 16 years of war.

The outpouring of commitment to climate action spurred by the USA withdrawal seemed to give campaigners and civil society a measure of hope, as they reacted to the news by emphasizing that the only way to combat the Trump administration's pro-fossil fuel agenda is mobilize from the ground up, forcing other governments to take the lead. With arms budgets and arsenals growing quickly across the region, USA allies have been spared the accusations of free-riding Trump has leveled at Europe.

U.S. Defense Secretary James Mattis is expected to drive home the same message of reassurance when he speaks in Singapore on Saturday - and again at a rare meeting of defense ministers from the U.S. and the 10 members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations on Sunday. Errin Haines Whack reported from Philadelphia and covers urban affairs for The Associated Press.

Trump, she said, is "playing on a past generation and a lost industry, and we can't bring it back".

California also has its own vehicle-emissions standards - exceeding federal standards - which have been adopted by more than a dozen other states.

Even so, as Trump again showed his willingness to overthrow tradition, treaties and advice on Thursday, worries over the solidity of USA commitment to allies across the region are likely to grow.

Anticipating a possible USA pullout, officials from China and the European Union - two of the world's major polluters - had prepared a declaration reaffirming their commitment to the 2015 Paris Agreement, which is widely considered a landmark deal for bringing together nearly all countries under a common goal. He warned then that he would have "no choice" but to leave the councils if Trump made a decision to withdraw the USA from the accord. It's by far the largest consumer of coal worldwide, producing 3.41 billion tons of the fuel previous year - more than four times the volume in the USA, the second largest coal consumer. Until late last month, however, there had been no patrols since Trump's inauguration. Mr Trump recently reaffirmed the US's commitment to the military alliance during his first foreign trip overseas as president after once saying the organisation was "obsolete".

Trump has repeatedly cast doubt on the science of climate change and once called it a hoax perpetrated by China to weaken US business. The U.S. military sees China as its peer competitor in conventional military force and Trump's commitment to build a 350-ship navy, up from 275 today, appears to be a direct response to China's rapid naval and anti-ship missile-building program.

Many of those ships, however, have yet to be budgeted. "We need to keep engaging", a senior Indian official involved in the visit told TOI, confirming the visit was still on and pointing out how China's leader Xi Jinping came to United States despite Trump unloading on Beijing for more than a year.

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