Trump blasts 'crooked Hillary' for blaming others for election loss

Andrew Cummings
June 10, 2017

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton listens to author and moderator Cheryl Strayed during the Book Expo event in New York, Thursday, June 1, 2017.

"She's basically pointing to the Trump campaign, saying that the dots are now being connected", Mitchell added.

President Donald Trump revived the old nickname for former Democratic rival Hillary Clinton on Twitter after she spoke at Recode's annual Code Conference in Los Angeles on Wednesday (31 May).

However, she went on to make "covfefe" a metaphor for the White House. While Clinton's reference to that silliness was quick and clever, we can't help but wonder why she can't take the high road and act like a real politician, which would mean taking petty disagreements, I don't know, anywhere except social media? At the conference, Clinton ripped the Democratic Party's "bankrupt" operation that she acquired after winning the party's nomination. I inherit nothing from the Democratic Party. "I had to inject money into it".

"I can't look inside the guy's mind".

"We weren't in the same category as the other side", she said. She coupled that factor with the media's obsessive reporting of her emails.

Huckabee said he thinks they're trying to distract Trump and his team from implementing their agenda, but it 's not clear if they're succeeding in doing so. Clinton said her campaign was further crippled by the widespread assumption that she was going to win. It was only a matter of time before one of her preferred official Democratic targets fired back. Asked why she insisted on addressing the big bank, she challenged the moderators by asking: "Why do you have Goldman Sachs here?"

"Because they pay us", answered Swisher.

"They paid me", Clinton responded. In early April - and probably earlier - she attributed her loss, in part, to misogyny.

"You know, men got paid for the speeches they made". That's what I thought.

Something else that worked to her disadvantage? She blamed her failure to win Wisconsin on Gov. Scott Walker. I believe that what was happening to me was unprecedented.

Hillary Clinton came prepared with more than one zinger about the mystery word of the day: Covfefe. She offered no change from, much less any explanation for, Obama's horrendous record.

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