Trump announces decision on Paris Climate Accord

Cheryl Sanders
June 2, 2017

People took to Twitter to share their depressing thoughts on Trump's latest move.

"Trump promoted fossil fuel interests over those of the people and the planet by pulling out the United States from the Paris Agreement, but even he can not stop the tide of climate action happening within and beyond his country", Denise Fontanilla, the group's climate policy coordinator, said. "And obviously as business people we have to pick ourselves up on a global basis and just get on and try to sort the problem out ourselves with the other 193 countries around the world". Brown's full statement on Trump's decision is below: "Donald Trump has absolutely chosen the wrong course".

I condemn this brutal act against #ParisAccord @realDonaldTrump Leadership means fighting climate change together. Leaving Paris is not good for America or the world.

During a briefing in March, a White House official said that Trump administration did accept the science of climate change, but officials steered clear of that language on Thursday.

"Europe will lead through ambitious climate policies and through continued support to the poor and vulnerable". "We will see if we can make a deal that's fair".

Although he called out China and India, the two largest polluters besides the US, Trump did not mention that the US, home to about 4% of the world's population, is responsible for nearly one third of the excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

"That incredible diplomatic achievement could not have been secured without the decisive role of the United States of America".

"While the USA decision is disheartening, we remain inspired by the growing momentum around the world to combat climate change and transition to clean growth economies", Trudeau said on Thrusday in a statement.

"I want to say that they will find in France a second homeland", he said.

And here's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who said in a statement that despite the United States's "disheartening" decision, "Canada will continue to work with the the state level, and with other US stakeholders, to address climate change and promote clean growth".

And cheekily adapting the nationalist slogan used by Trump on his election campaign trail, Macron urged defenders of the climate to "make our planet great again".

US President Trump said he would withdraw from the Paris Agreement, a 190-nation agreement created to curb rising global temperatures, claiming it was more about giving other countries a "financial advantage" over theirs.

Without mentioning the USA specifically, Li said that "China in recent years has stayed true to its commitment" and pointed out that his was one of the first countries to ratify the 2015 Paris Agreement.

Among environmental groups, Climate Action Network said the withdrawal "signals that the Trump Administration is in total discord with both reality and the rest of the world". Now, he says, he is putting America first. "This agreement is less about the climate and more about other countries gaining a financial advantage over the United States". "The rest of the world can not let the United States drag it down".

Mr Trump's decision is seen as having struck a major blow against worldwide efforts to fight global warming.

"We can't build the [coal] plants, but [China] can, according to this agreement", Trump said.

"Such technologies will also help in our fight against air pollution and ensure greater energy security globally".

"As President, I can put no other consideration before the wellbeing of American citizens".

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