Theresa May's lead over Labour falls ahead of vote

Cheryl Sanders
June 3, 2017

He said the prime minister's lack of "human qualities" were also against her.

Jeremy Corbyn has revealed his plan for Brexit negotiations - but who do you trust most on Brexit?

A Conservative minister, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said that the narrowing in the polls would help motivate the Tory party base. There were widespread warnings that Britain risked becoming a one-party state and that Labour, a historic left-wing party in Europe, could be wiped out. For an interactive graphic on the British election, click: While Britons vote on Thursday, European Central Bank policymakers meeting in Tallinn, Estonia, will likely take another baby step towards removing the extraordinary monetary stimulus the bank has provided. Instead, the Conservatives are starting to get anxious.

The clash came as Conservatives stepped up their assaults on Mr Corbyn amid opinion polls suggesting that their lead over Labour is shrinking with less than a week to go to the June 8 election.

Many people are sceptical about polls, and rightly so. But if she enters parliament with even a diminished majority, she will be castigated as the loser.

This unexpected scenario has prompted two big questions to hang over British politics for the past week or so.

But it's wrong to think opinion polls show Mrs May is a failure.

Prime Minister Theresa May makes a campaign visit to the Royal Bath and West Show in Shepton Mallet, southwest England on May 31. They suggest that she's one of the most successful Conservative leaders in living memory.

"Mr Gwynne turned his fire on Mrs May, saying it was "lamentable" and unacceptable that she was not prepared to give nurses a pay rise while handing out "£70 billion worth of tax giveaways to those at the top".

But things weren't so simple.

The Conservative and Labour leaders will appear separately on the BBC1 Question Time special, as the Prime Minister has refused to take part in televised debates with her rivals. Her attempts to stay on message, no matter what, led to criticism that her campaign lacked any substance. The pound fell 0.12% to US$1.2866 even as the dollar weaked after worse-than-expected data on USA non-farm payrolls.

There were problems with the substance, too.

"If they [the Tories] are making standard assumptions about what is going to happen in the final week I think they're being complacent, especially when you think of what's happened already", said the Labour aide, who is close to Corbyn. A Tory government in London may be good for the SNP, but not if Labour can reasonably argue that they put it there.

There is a catch, however.

Labour MP Wes Streeting - a frequent critic of Mr Corbyn's leadership - has also criticised the party's record on the issue.

The Tories would gain just four seats from other parties. They had hoped their anti-Brexit message would restore their fortunes.

Imagine the political advantage that so many unscrupulous Tories would be trying to worm out of the situation.

"The difference in the polls in this election is easy to understand - it is nearly wholly to do with how pollsters treat turnout", YouGov pollster Anthony Wells said in a blog post. With growth broadening and political risk declining after Emmanuel Macron's victory in France's presidential election, the euro zone is on its best economic run in a decade, raising hopes for normalization after years of crisis fighting.

"If we get Brexit right, I am confident that that future will be bright". "A small majority would likely give more weight to the Brexiters in the Conservative Party, heightening the probability of a clash". It would actually mean the Tory vote is eight points higher than the 36.9% achieved by David Cameron in 2015 (Labour's vote is ten points up on 2015). It's a big gamble. "Different pollsters are envisaging a different set of people turning out".

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