Sri Lankan charged threatening to blow up Malaysia Airlines flight

Cheryl Sanders
June 15, 2017

Passengers told of fearing for their lives, but Malaysian Deputy Transport Minister Abdul Aziz Kaprawi said a Sri Lankan national, who appeared to have been drunk, was overpowered by the plane's crew and later arrested.

"It is not a hijack".

Flight 128 was about 10 minutes into a flight from Melbourne when the man walked from his economy seat to the cockpit door clutching an electronic device and threatening to blow up the plane, creating panic among passengers.

Andy said he tackled the man, who managed to get back to his feet and run towards the back of the plane, where a group of other male passengers detained him.

Police said that Mr Marks was released from a psychiatric facility on the day of the incident.

"Everyone on board is safe..."

"Passengers have been sent to local hotels in Melbourne and will be departing to Kuala Lumpur throughout June 1", Malaysia Airlines said in a statement today.

Victoria Police said the man had allegedly threatened the safety of passengers and staff before being subdued.

"He was the one who first confronted him when an air hostess was getting scared of this guy and that's when the guy said "I'm going to blow up this plane", she said. "What was in the backpack I would describe as a device", Victoria Police Superintendent Tony Langdon said in a Dow Jones report on Thursday. The flight landed just after 11.40pm.

"That's when he was detained by other passengers I believe".

"He was certainly at the cockpit door, seeking entry to the door, holding this device", he said.

Safety and security are of Malaysia Airlines' utmost priority.

"An investigation led by Australian authorities is now underway and Malaysia Airlines wishes to extend its appreciation to everyone involved during the emergency situation", the carrier said in a statement.

Passengers' cellphone images and video showed heavily armed security forces moving through the aisles of the plane as they carried the man off the aircraft.

MAS said an investigation led by Australian authorities is now underway and it expressed its appreciation to everyone involved during the emergency situation.

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