Security guard kills Arab-Israeli protester in central Israel

Cheryl Sanders
June 6, 2017

Police said that they tried to arrest a man, who resisted and was joined by approximately 50 people who succeeded in temporarily releasing him from police custody. the crowd reportedly began to throw projectiles at police officers and torched police vehicles.

The father added that the fact that the officers shot his son with three live rounds, all in his upper body, is a clear proof the police does not value the lives of Arab citizens of Israel.

Rosenfeld said the security guard stationed there felt threatened and opened fire, killing a local resident.

It also called for the resignation of the Israeli chief of police and the minister of home security, while holding the police responsible for the violence that broke out in the town following the arrest of the local resident.

Eyewitnesses, Taha's family, and leaders of the Arab public in Israel denied Taha posed a life threating danger to the guard.

"Lately the police's finger is very light on the trigger, and they shoot quickly, especially when it comes to an Arab", he told the Ynet news site.

"If he had posed a danger they should have shot him in the legs, not three bullets to the head".

Adel Budeir, a lawyer who said he was at the scene, also alleged Taha was murdered.

"The police continue to treat the Arab population as enemies, not as citizens", he said in a statement.

A number of criticisms have been leveled by MKs from the mixed Jewish-Arab Israeli Hadash party, one of the parties belonging to the Joint Arab List faction of the Knesset.

The incident came in a time of spiraling tensions between the police and Arabs amidst complaints of partial and shoddy law enforcement.

After shooting the young man, the police imposed curfew and abducted dozens of residents, before moving them to detention and interrogation centers.

In January, the police shot and killed a 47-year-old schoolteacher.

Arab citizens of Israel are Palestinians who stayed put during the 1948 war and became citizens after the statehood of Israel. They have full Israeli citizenship but have long complained of discrimination.

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