Russian hackers ´planted false story´ behind Qatar crisis

Cheryl Sanders
June 7, 2017

In a phone call with Saudi King Salman, Trump urged the Gulf states to work together to achieve "the critical goals of preventing the financing of terrorist organisations and eliminating the promotion of extremism by any nation in the region", according to a White House statement.

Qatar´s government said the May 23 news report attributed false remarks to the emirate´s ruler that appeared friendly to Iran and Israel, and questioned whether US President Donald Trump would last in office, according to CNN.

"We are in talks with Turkey and Iran and other countries", said the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity due to the sensitivity of the subject, adding that the supplies would be brought in through Qatar Airways cargo flights.

"This is a very diverse relationship that Qatar has with the UAE and with Saudi and Bahrain - families, business, travel, interests".

"His [Mr Trump's] message was that we need unity in the region to fight extremist ideology and terrorist financing", a United States official told Reuters.

Mr Trump had earlier claimed credit for the pressure placed on Qatar, saying his recent visit to Saudi Arabia was "already paying off".

Trump has publicly expressed support for Saudi Arabia which, along with Egypt and the United Arab Emirates, has cut off all ties with Qatar. The alliance against Qatar also included Egypt, whose leadership ousted the Brotherhood in a 2013 coup led by U.A.E. -backed army chief Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi, as well as Bahrain.

"Nobody wants to hurt Qatar. It has to choose whether it must move in one direction or another direction", the minister said.

He suggested Qatar was funding extremism.

Qatar has been one of the few foreign backers of internationally shunned Hamas, an Islamic militant group that has ruled the Gaza Strip since 2007.

Several countries have withdrawn their ambassadors from Doha, Qatar's capital.

His government hopes this "unfortunate phase will be overcome and the crisis will be resolved on solid grounds that guarantee that all Arab states cooperate to build a better future for our people".

The channel cheered on the 2011 Arab Spring revolts, particularly in Egypt, but now faces aggressive competition in its home region, and suspicion from many governments over air time given to Islamist groups in Syria, Libya and elsewhere. Some countries designate both as terrorist groups.

The fracas pits Qatar - a country smaller than CT and the world's biggest producer of liquefied natural gas - against Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Egypt and Bahrain.

Mauritania has become the latest country to cut diplomatic relations with Qatar as part of a growing rift between the energy-rich Gulf nation and other Arab countries.

Disruption to airspace in the Gulf began on Tuesday morning local time. Which also known as locally as Saudia has suspended all the flights to Qatar. A Qatar Airways spokesman confirmed the move.

Qatar is heavily dependent on food imports and residents have been queuing at supermarkets to stockpile.

The FBI recently sent a team of investigators to Doha to help the Qatari government investigate the alleged hacking incident, Qatari and United States government officials say.

"On this scale, it's unprecedented", said Hatoon al-Fassi, a Saudi historian of Gulf Affairs and Women's Studies at Qatar University.

Ms. Nauert praised Qatar for its role in fight against terrorism.

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