Putin urges end to harmful chatter over Russian meddling

Cheryl Sanders
June 3, 2017

St. Petersburg: Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday that his country does not have any "tight" military relationship with Pakistan, and asserted that its close friendship with India can not be diluted.

"Trying to spy on your allies, if you really consider them allies and not vassals, is just indecent", said Putin. "Technology experts can invent anything and put the blame on anyone".

The Russian president dismissed the conclusions of the US intelligence community that Russia meddled on behalf of Trump, saying that he had read the report and found nothing but "speculation and conclusions base on speculation".

Prime Minister Modi had also called up Macron to congratulate him on his poll victory last month and said he looked forward to work with him to further deepen the bilateral cooperation.

Pressed by Kelly to explain the Russian "fingerprints" described by the combined intelligence agencies' declassified report, Putin sneered that the IP addresses the report attributed to Russian hackers could've been rigged by anyone to blame Russia.

It's easier for them to say that they are not guilty, that the Russians are the guilty ones for interfering in our election. "We never engaged in that on a state level, and have no intention of doing so", Putin said.

Controversy over the Democratic National Convention cyberattack past year as well as the Kremlin's connection to Donald Trump's presidential campaign continue to embroil the White House. "We people do not have the right to take more than necessary from nature".

Asked specifically if Kislyak had agreed with members of Trump's team on lifting anti-Russian sanctions, Putin denied that any such deal was made. "That of course worries us", Putin said.

"What else is the ambassador supposed to do?"

Putin offered his reaction to Trump's decision to pull out from the global Paris accord seeking to curb climate change.

He underlined the importance of the Paris climate accord, but noted that it's a framework agreement offering broad room for maneuver for each signatory nation. "That is not proof", Putin told Kelly. Politicians, climate change alarmists and world leaders have been up in arms since Trump's announcement Thursday that the US would exit the 2015 agreement entered into by former President Obama.

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