Putin: Patriotic Russians May Have Hacked in Election

Cheryl Sanders
June 4, 2017

Kelly asked Putin about evidence that he was personally involved in a covert campaign, cited by US intelligence officials, to hurt Hillary Clinton and help Donald Trump.

On Thursday, Putin suggested for the first time that "private patriotic" hackers could be behind attacks on the world's democracies - but he still denied interfering in the USA election. "They can be in Russian Federation, in Asia.even in America, Latin America", he said. The segment consisted of Kelly interviewing various Russians on who don't believe their government interfered in 2016's American presidential election.

"Can you imagine something like that in the midst of a political battle!"

In his NBC News interview, Putin directed a stunning accusation toward Democrats, suggesting they could have published their own hacked documents: "Could you imagine something like that?"

In an interview with NBC News Friday, the Russian president said just about anyone could be behind the cyberattacks involving Democratic computer servers.

Speaking at the St Petersburg economic forum, Putin claimed there was no concrete evidence for USA intelligence agencies' allegations of Russian hacking, and said cyber specialists "can make anything up and blame anyone".

Kushner then held a secret meeting with Sergei Gorkov, head of Russia's Kremlin-connected development bank, a meeting the White House says was one of many diplomatic encounters Kushner, now a presidential adviser, held in the weeks before Trump's inauguration.

As questions continue to swirl about meetings between various members of President Donald Trump's administration and various Russian officials, Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday essentially said Nothing to see here.

'Even in these reports there is nothing specific but only assumptions and conclusions based on assumptions'.

In a sign of exasperation, Putin compared what he described as the obsessive USA focus on alleged Russian interference with the vote to anti-Semitism. IP addresses, they can be invented. "But we know where such an attitude leads to, it never ends well", Putin said.

Speaking at an economic forum in St. Petersburg, Putin said relations between Moscow and Washington are now at their lowest point since Cold War times.

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