Pres. Trump Congratulates Republicans for Special Election Wins

Henrietta Brewer
June 25, 2017

The Massachusetts Democrat, speaking on CNN's "The Lead with Jake Tapper" Wednesday afternoon, made his comments following his party's failure to win a closely watched special election in Georgia.

"The Democratic Party needs new leadership now", Cunningham tweeted on Wednesday.

With President Trump suffering low approval ratings, many called this special election a referendum on the Commander in Chief. The Carolina outcome was closer than in Georgia but drew little national attention.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) brushed off concerns raised by some in the House Democratic Caucus that she is dragging them down in competitive races, saying her legislative and fundraising prowess make up for any downsides to being seen with her.

He said the Democratic Party, however, isn't self-aware enough to realize that they'll always have an uphill battle if she's the face of the party.

Democrats hold 193 seats and need to gain 24 to be in the majority.

"We'd better take a good, long, strong look in the mirror and realise that the problem is us; it's the party", OH representative Tim Ryan said Wednesday morning as he left a closed-door meeting of the Democratic Caucus in the Capitol. "One of the disappointing things from the last couple days is that that approach has a little bit of punch to it, it still moves voters". Republicans - including President Donald Trump - have professed their glee that she's still minority leader. Democrats have successfully transferred Hillary Clinton's gains in well-educated districts to their down-ballot candidates, even while succeeding in making up some of the ground she lost in white working-class ones.

"If we think we're going to win these elections because President Trump's at 35 percent, I think in districts like mine and certainly Georgia and SC, it takes more than that", said Rep. Tim Walz of Minnesota. "I certainly don't feel it".

"By all accounts, if you're a Republican, this is not good news to you", Pelosi said. Debbie Dingell of MI.

"The Republican playbook for the past four election cycles has been very focused, very clear: It's been an attack on our leader", Ms. Rice said.

Asked if Pelosi should remain the top House Democratic leader in the next Congress, her number two, Rep. Steny Hoyer of Maryland, told reporters "I understand that she is intending to stay" and added "I don't think anybody is going to impeach her".

BENNETT: It's a criticism rooted in generational angst about the future of the Democratic Party and its leaders. "They keep winning and we keep losing".

Meanwhile, in one of his first campaign moves, Joe Cunningham, a Democrat challenging Mark Sanford for a House seat in SC, spoke out against Pelosi the morning after the Georgia results came in.

She continues to command a great degree of loyalty from many House Democrats, and allies dismissed the idea that her position was in any kind of jeopardy.

Former Georgia secretary of state Karen Handel on Tuesday defeated political newcomer Democrat Jon Ossoff, 52 percent to 48 percent.

BENNETT: Pelosi still has broad support among House Democrats.

"The president's numbers are in the thirties and our base is energized", she wrote.

In this March 28, 2017 photo, House Ways and Means Committee member Rep. Bill Pascrell Jr., D-N.J. speaks during a meeting on Capitol Hill in Washington. "A loss is a loss is a loss and there's no excuses". It is a tactic that has been embraced since Republicans won back the House in 2010, and it worked again this time in high-profile contests in Montana and Kansas. For one, there won't be many red districts where the president is less popular.

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