Police Forcibly Removed Healthcare Bill Protesters Outside Senator Mitch McConnell's Office

Cheryl Sanders
June 24, 2017

Several journalists and other people at McConnell's office tweeted the chaotic events as they unfolded, showing that numerous protesters who were removed were using wheelchairs and other medical devices.

The Independent reports that approximately 60 protesters, many in wheelchairs, assembled outside the Republican senator's office at 11 am yesterday to let him know their feelings on the potentially devastating bill.

"Don't touch Medicaid, save our liberty", the protesters chanted outside his office.

Daily Beast reporter Andrew Desiderio also tweeted several photos and videos from the protest.

The 28 female and 15 male protesters who were arrested were transported to Capitol Police headquarters for processing, authorities said.

The demonstration was organized by ADAPT, a national disability rights organization, CNN reported. Many people living with disabilities rely on Medicaid for their basic care and survival. The GOP's proposed legislation aims to make cuts to Medicaid and repeal taxes that help fund Obamacare, but McConnell introduced the proposal as one that would "strengthen Medicaid". Consequently, states would no longer have all the funding needed to cover eligible Medicaid recipients. When the protestors did not comply, officers began wheeling them out of the area.

The AHCA would cap and cut Medicaid, something that would have severe repercussions for Americans with disabilities.

"I'm pleased that we were able to arrive at a draft that incorporates input from so many different Members, who represent so many different constituents, who are facing so many different challenges", McConnell said while presenting the bill on the Senate floor on Thursday.

"Quite Literally Dragging People Away"Physically Removing Protesters" "Horrific Metaphor For Trumpcare"Are You Being Arrested?" "Not only will people lose their freedom, but people will die if they do this".

This protester wasn't the only one who felt that the government wanted to kill her rather than protect her. "My people are going to die because of these decisions".

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