Parents of man released from NK say he's in coma

Cheryl Sanders
June 14, 2017

He was evacuated on Tuesday. Then on June 6, Yun met with the DPRK U.N. Mission Ambassador Pak and learned that Warmbier was in a coma. Warmbier was initially sentenced to 15 years of hard labor after he was convicted of "crimes against the state" for trying to take down a propaganda poster on the last day of his trip through North Korea. Officials involving with securing Warmbier's release told The Washington Post that Rodman had nothing to do with it.

Today, after 17-months in captivity, Warmbier was released and is being flown home to the United States. UVA President Teresa Sullivan released a statement today, expressing relief, deep concern and sadness over Warmbier's condition, adding that the UVA family would continue to keep the Warmbiers in our thoughts and prayers.

"The last 17 months have been an extremely hard and emotionally trying time for the Warmbier family", she said.

At the meeting, North Korea agreed that Swedish diplomats could visit all four American detainees, which at that time included Mr Warmbier.

Rodman, in an interview with CNN before landing in North Korea, said he was "trying to accomplish something we both need", referring to himself and the Trump administration.

"In no uncertain terms North Korea must explain the causes of his coma", Richardson, whose Center for Global Engagement had directly sought Warmbier's release with the North Korean government, said in a statement.

"North Korea should be universally condemned for its abhorrent behavior".

North Korea told a USA official that Warmbier contracted botulism and slipped into the coma after taking a sleeping pill, a senior State Department official told CNN.

Fred and Cindy Warmbier tell the AP that Otto Warmbier is now on a Medivac flight.

"We want the world to know how we and our son have been brutalized and terrorized by the pariah regime in North Korean". They said they were grateful their son would "finally be with people who love him".

The world hasn't heard from US undergraduate student Otto Warmbier since his March 2016 sentencing in North Korea for 15 years of hard labor.

US officials have not confirmed Warmbier's medical condition, but he's set to arrive in Cincinnati on Tuesday night after a stop at a USA military facility near Sapporo, Japan.

Warmbier's release was confirmed and announced by Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, who as The New York Times detailed, said he's being transported from Japan to Anchorage, Alaska, and will ultimately be sent home from there. His release leaves three US citizens now known to be held in North Korea: accounting professor Kim Sang Duk, businessman Kim Dong Chul and Kim Hak-Song, who worked at Pyongyang University.

Otto Warmbier is an economics graduate from the University of Virginia, originally from Cincinnati, Ohio.

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