Palestinian Terrorists Reject ISIS Claim On Jerusalem Police Attack

Cheryl Sanders
June 19, 2017

An Israeli police officer was stabbed to death in one of two attacks involving knives and guns overnight Friday in Israel's capital city.

Three Palestinians were shot dead after killing an Israeli police officer and injuring several others in an attack outside of the Damascus Gate on Friday evening.

Israeli police said they killed three Palestinians involved in the attack.

Following the attack, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made a decision to cancel permission for Palestinians to visit family members in Jerusalem and Israel, officer said.

This was the first time that the Islamic State group has claimed responsibility for an attack in Israel, according to the SITE Intelligence Group, which monitors extremist organisations.

Israeli authorities said on Saturday they had found no evidence of Islamic State involvement in attacks by three Palestinians that killed an Israeli policewoman, despite the group's claim of responsibility.

However Hamas and People's Front for the Liberation of Palestine terror groups quickly retorted that the three attackers, who were later shot and killed by Israeli officials were their members.

While the Islamic State took credit for the attack, the group's statement misidentified the three, though it is possible the group used IS aliases when identifying the attacker as their own.

The PFLP also noted that this operation sends a strong, direct message to the defeated leaders of the Palestinian Authority, its polices and approach, that makes clear that the resistance is continuing and is the only path to defeat the occupier. The attacker was shot dead.

Emad Zahran, the head of Deir Abu Mashal Local Council, said the soldiers closed all roads leading to the village, starting late at night Friday, and installed an iron gate, sealing the main entrance, and prevented the Palestinians from entering or leaving it.

Another Israeli police officer was lightly wounded in the attack, and two Palestinian bystanders were wounded in the shootout that followed the initial assault.

Israel police identified the other two as Palestinians aged 18-19 from the Ramallah area.

More than 300 Palestinians have lost their lives at the hands of Israeli forces since the beginning of October 2015.

Major General Yoav Mordechai - head of COGAT, the Israeli defence ministry agency responsible for civilian affairs in the Palestinian territories - said the 250,000 family visit permits were cancelled in response to "encouragement to terrorism" by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas' Fateh movement.

The daily visits for non-Muslims, which include tourists, are rejected by the Waqf, which says they were resumed by the Israel government in 2003 without their coordination. Maqdisi is an Arabic term for a Palestinian Jerusalemite.

"The idea that this was some kind of a coordinated event, potentially, with multiple attackers is less frequent", Al Jazeera's Harry Fawcett, reporting from occupied East Jerusalem, said.

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