Microsoft releases Face Swap app for Android in the Google Play

Yolanda Curtis
June 6, 2017

Face Swap for Android has been in beta for a time, but the app is available for download via Google Play starting this week.

"The power of Bing search and our intelligent face swapping tech makes every swipe a delight", said Phil Rogan, a Garage team member at the launch of Face Swap app. Read on to learn about the new Microsoft app called Face Swap, including how it works. It's definitely not a new idea, as we have seen quite a few face-swapping apps so far. After this, such Apps will be intelligently used on many platforms. The app is based on facial recognition software from Microsoft Research and as well as enabling you to swap faces within your selfie, the app also handles group photos for the swapping of multiple faces en masse. The swap engine developed by Microsoft allows for fine-tuning such as matching skin tones, lighting conditions, as well as head turns and tilts. There are some sophisticated aspects to this app, including the technology that will allow you to get details just flawless. That is a pretty cool feature since you are not subject to just using pictures from the app selection itself. That setting will need to include another face in it which the app will use to place your face into the setting. It enables users to swap others faces with their own for entertainment purposes. You can also set your face at different people's faces. Moreover, you can choose a scene from one of the categories you will find listed in Face Swap.

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