McDonnell, Abbott and Thornberry would get top jobs in Labour cabinet - Corbyn

Cheryl Sanders
June 3, 2017

Depending on which polls you read, the outcome next week could be anything "from Theresa May winning a healthy majority to her being hounded out by Jeremy Corbyn".

Following a bruising encounter with the BBC's Andrew Neil on Thursday, Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron is returning to the airwaves and the internet in the hunt for votes, with question sessions on Facebook and Mumsnet as well as an interview with LBC's Nick Ferrari.

After the televised debate this week, spread betting firm IG said its clients were betting on a Conservative majority of 106 seats.

In a normal election, about 10% of voters are likely to change their vote at this stage before the election, the source says. Now it is 36% for the Tories and 46% for Labour. That means that 30 to 40 seats where the result would normally be safe are now in doubt. This number has surprised Tory strategists.

The poll, commissioned by The Times, found the Conservative lead had slipped dramatically in recent weeks and is now within the margin of error. The Tories have had a shit campaign and Jeremy has had a good one, so the Labour vote hasn't collapsed.

However, if the latest polls are wrong - and they have previously underestimated Conservative support - and May wins a sizeable victory, she will axe current finance minister Philip Hammond and replace him with interior minister Amber Rudd, the Daily Telegraph reported.

Mr Corbyn is making a speech in York to set out his plans to create one million "high quality" jobs by investing £250 billion in industry. They believe it is normal, between elections when there is nothing at stake, for polls to show wide gaps between the parties.

After being asked about anti-Semitism, the Labour leader remarked: "The way Jewish people have suffered is an appalling stain on history".

Mr La Torre said the local FBU was backing Labour in next week's general election, commenting: "June 8, for us in the emergency services, really is crunch time".

Labour sources have also poured cold water on the narrowing polls. The poor, and even the very poor, flocked to them as the UK Independence Party imploded. Or at least one of them.

He said: 'I would do everything I can to ensure that any threat is actually dealt with earlier on by negotiations and by talks, so that we do adhere to our obligations under the nuclear non-proliferation treaty. "Have you seen the levels of poverty that exist because of your government's conscious decisions on benefits?" said Mr. Corbyn, who wants to raise corporation tax, and taxes on the wealthiest 5% to fund more spending on social and health care, education and welfare. It was circulated on Facebook with the caption: "On June 9th, this man could be Prime Minister". May saw her opportunity, because the last instance of a U-turn was her insisting there wouldn't be an election and then saying there would be.

He added: "It is clear she only cares about gaining re-election".

While Labour and Conservatives are expected to retain the bulk of seats in parliament, dozens of smaller parties and independents will make a bid for a seat in the House of Commons.

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