Judge will decide fate in Michelle Carter trial

Cheryl Sanders
June 6, 2017

Carter is accused encouraging her boyfriend, Conrad Roy, to commit suicide. Roy, who was 18, was found dead of carbon monoxide poisoning in his pickup truck.

Meanwhile, prosecutors say Carter, who was 17-years-old at the time, brainstormed ways for Roy to kill himself and persuaded him to follow through on the suicide after he had second thoughts.

"The theme of those text messages can be summed up in the phrase used by the defendant four times between July 11 and July 12, 2014: 'You just [have] to do it, '" the state's court said in a ruling a year ago.

Carter's lawyer has argued that the texts are protected free speech.

Carter has pleaded not guilty and the trial comes after her attorneys tried to convince the state's highest court that the case should be thrown out because she only communicated electronically with Roy and was not even in the same community when the teen killed himself.

On Monday, Carter waived her right to a trial by jury.

Reach Thousands of Potential Customers on The South Shore and Beyond! . According to BuzzFeed, Roy had reportedly gotten out of his vehicle after starting his suicide attempt, but Carter allegedly told him to "get back in".

Carter's legal team has argued that she did not physically harm Roy, and she never threatened him.

In Massachusetts, there is no criminal law for assisted suicide.

Prosecutors read messages in court that were sent by Carter to Roy, including one that read "No more pushing it off".

The couple met on holiday and lived apart, communicating mostly via phone. He's expected to testify that Carter may have been "involuntarily intoxicated" by the medications she was taking at the time. In 2013, he had tried to kill himself by overdosing on acetaminophen, but his friend saved his life.

"Ultimately it was Conrad Roy alone in the auto who killed himself, while she was miles away with her phone", Daniel Medwed, a professor of law and criminal justice at Northeastern University School of Law said.

Carter: If you don't think about it, you won't think about failing.

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