Gunman who shot Republican congressman Steve Scalise has died

Cheryl Sanders
June 15, 2017

Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont) condemned the shooting of a Republican representative and several others by a man who volunteered for his presidential campaign.

Several people including a top Republican congressman were wounded in a Washington suburb early Wednesday morning when a gunman opened fire as they practiced for an annual baseball game between lawmakers.

Republican Senator Jeff Flake told reporters some 50 shots rang out in the exchange of fire between the gunman - described as a white man with dark hair, in his 40s or 50s - and law enforcement officers. Sanders said he denounced the violence "in the strongest possible terms".

A senior U.S. official named the gunman as James T. Hodgkinson from the St. Louis suburb of Belleville, Illinois.

Hodgkinson, 66, of Belleville, Ill., who was gunned down by police to end the shooting at Simpson Field in Alexandria, Va., appears to have maintained two Facebook pages, each replete with profane anti-Trump posts and glowing praise for Sanders.

Hodgkinson, 66, a resident of Belleville, Illinois, filled his Facebook page with screeds against Trump and past year against Hillary Clinton, the Democrat who won the nomination but lost the general election to Trump.

The teenager's mother entered the fray, hitting her daughter, pulling her hair to get her out of the auto and threatening to put her back into foster care, the report said.

"Congressman Scalise is a friend, and a very good friend", Trump said. Trump has destroyed our democracy.

The 19-year-old friend told police that Hodgkinson had forced his way into the house and began screaming at his daughter.

President Donald Trump confirmed Hodgkinson's death Wednesday morning in a publicized address.

The young woman's boyfriend later confronted Hodgkinson, and Hodgkinson pulled out his shotgun, hit the younger man in the face with the wooden stock of the gun, then fired a single shot that missed.

The alleged shooter was also wounded and taken to a hospital, officials said.

In April 2006, Hodgkinson was charged with misdemeanor battery after he stormed into a neighbor's house in an attempt to force home a teenage girl who, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, was under guardianship of Hodgkinson and his wife.

Hean said Hodgkinson came off as extreme.

Hodgkinson has a record of arrests on relatively minor charges, including failing to obtain electrical permits, driving under the influence and resisting a police office, according to the paper. Federal Bureau of Investigation agents are also inspecting his home in Belleville, a suburb of St. Louis.

While trying to drive away from that confrontation, the report said, Hodgkinson used a pocket knife to cut a seat belt.

Pelosi says it's "outrageous" and "beneath the dignity" of the House, adding: "How dare they say such a thing, how dare they".

When Hodgkinson refused to stop, Schaumleffel called the sheriff's department.

"I found him disturbing", Li said. Illinois Secretary of State corporate records show that he voluntarily dissolved his home inspection business, JTH Services, Inc., in December 2016.

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