Edgar Wright on exiting Marvel's Ant-Man

Carla Harmon
June 25, 2017

Ansel Elgort can do everything. "Baby Driver", Wright's return to the action-comedy fray, is generating huge buzz and being touted as the kind of film that's become increasingly rare: a smart summer blockbuster.

Once again, he's playing a quiet guy - Elgort stars as Baby, a skilled wheelman, coerced into paying off a debt to a crime boss. Ansel was one of them - "The Fault in Our Stars" was a big hit at the time - and quickly rose to the top of the list.

Everyone in Elgort's accomplished family has a high-profile arts career - his father, for example, is famed fashion photographer Arthur Elgort - so celebrity is familiar, apparently neither carrot nor stick.

"I am as into music as Baby is, and I think Edgar knew that when we first met".

He also stands out in a place like Hollywood because he's really tall. "So it's kind of a dream to do 'Baby Driver'".

"He picks the team, of which Baby is always on the team, he hasn't done a job in a while without Baby driving". The automotive stunts are dazzling - particularly the auto crunching finale set in the confines of a vehicle park - but the fleet footwork of Elgort and the supporting cast is just as impressive.

"I feel like every stop I made had one of those 1950s diners like in the film", he says. They didn't allow me to do any stunts when there were other actors in the vehicle, which was often.

Wright had to secure his soundtrack's rights before shooting; numerous songs, like the Blues Explosion one, were cleared years ago. And I did the one where I drift around the twins when I steal their auto, so - anything that started slowly and had only me in the vehicle. Filming is set to begin in Atlanta in a few weeks, but there have yet to be many announcements about what the sequel will entail. So they didn't have to worry about Lily being there.

"I've done a lot of things in my life to prepare for this", Elgort, 23, continued.

We can all relate to that love of music.

"I think I've been really inspired by other directors who sort of double down on their own style or persistence of vision", Wright says. They were trying to give me some choreography to try to do what Baby does in the movie - to walk around, to walk cool to The Harlem Shuffle.

"And that song made its way into the movie". Heading into 2015, Ant-Man was considered one of Marvel's riskiest adventures that also had a rather hard development. "But I was very sad", Whedon said.

"I just harassed Sony and asked once a week".

"I loved Gino's for dinner". "I didn't know what I was preparing for, but I started in dance and took so many singing and dancing lessons". And eventually, they finally said fine, you can have one. The last three days I've been in L.A. doing interviews all day, but then I go into the music studio and from 7 to 3 a.m. While helping a motley assortment of deranged bank robbers stay one step ahead of the law, Baby spends the entire time listening to an eclectic mix of rock, rap and soul on his iPod: a tic that allows him to maintain a zen-like calm behind the wheel, while at the same time blocking out the tinnitus that has plagued him since childhood.

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