Countries should help each other in current economic situation, says PM Modi

Cheryl Sanders
June 3, 2017

Facing questions from NBC's Megyn Kelly, who moderated a panel discussion at St Petersburg's economic forum, the Russian president said claims of interference in the USA election contained "nothing concrete, only assumptions".

Putin also said that United States' intelligence agencies blaming Russian Federation for the interference "reminds me of anti-Semitism and blaming the Jews".

Putin said the list of allegations against Moscow "reminds me of anti-Semitism".

His lawyer said in January Mr. Snowden had the right to remain in Russia until 2020 and to apply for Russian citizenship next year.

"You shouldn't make a noise about this, but should create the conditions for joint work", Putin said at an economic forum, adding that Trump had said he wanted to renegotiate a new deal. "But we know what such sentiments lead to - it doesn't end in anything good", he said.

Putin also said that "no hackers can influence election campaigns in any country of Europe, Asia or America".

The comments come after Donald Trump's administration has been placed in the crosshairs of a special prosecutor who is looking into possible collusion or ties between members of Trump's inner circle and the Russian state and Russian oligarchs.

"Trying to spy on your allies, if you really consider them allies and not vassals, is just indecent".

"What fingerprints?" Putin said sarcastically. By the way, we should be grateful to President Trump.

He further said that that Russian Federation is yet to ratify the agreement and is waiting for the rules on resource allocation to be formed as part of the deal.

During his Russian Federation visit, Modi and Putin held a summit, and signed several agreements including a critical one to build two more reactors of a nuclear plant in Tamil Nadu with Russia's help. Having wondered what is the objective of the alliance if both the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact are no more, the president said that the failed dialogue with North Atlantic Treaty Organisation is not Russia's fault.

Asked about Russian election meddling, that propagandist - whose views Kelly portrayed as representing those of everyday Russians-said, "t$3 here is a lot of kindergartenish stuff going on". "It was all done by the people who wanted to blame him for it", Putin said.

Putin also sought to assuage concerns caused by Trump's decision to pull the United States out of the Paris climate accord, calling for a constructive dialogue on efforts needed to curb global warming.

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