Cosby to Constand's mother: 'Mom, she even had an orgasm'

Carla Harmon
June 13, 2017

Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin Steele pinched the bridge of his nose and stared at the table as Constand gave the response. In 2005, Constand told police in Canada, where she was living at the time, that the assault happened on March 16, 2004.

At the time, Constand was the director of operations for the Temple University women's basketball team.

The 75-year-old attorney said she was baffled because she thought the phone was turned off. Temple is Cosby's alma mater, and he was a powerful trustee there at the time.

"She viewed him as a father", she added.

"These three friends will help you relax", Feden quoted Cosby as saying to Andrea Constand. She had been interested enough in broadcasting to get headshots and to take a meeting arranged by Cosby, but not much more.

Prosecutors on Wednesday said phone records show a consistent pattern of Andrea Constand checking her voicemail and then calling Cosby in the two months after the January 2004 encounter.

On those calls, Gianna Constand said, Cosby "admitted that he was a sick man".

But Constand said she had rebuffed Cosby's "suggestive" passes, once when he put his hand on her thigh and another time when he put his finger on her trousers and tried to unzip them.

"You befriended him because he was going to be able to give you resources", Agrusa said.

"It doesn't matter", she said in response to another question, accusing the lawyer of trying to test her memory with "irrelevant things".

"No, he was sorry for what he did", Gianna Constand shot back.

According to Watts, Gianni began by describing how her daughter Andrea's behavior began to change around 2004 - the year that Constand says Cosby sexually assaulted her.

Civil rights lawyer Gloria Allred, who is representing Bill Cosby's accusers, was asked to leave the court Wednesday after her phone started ringing, while the trial proceeding for the comedian was underway.

Shortly after, she told him she had become "frozen" and incapacitated, she testified. Did she succeed in convincing the panel of seven men and five women that she was a victim of a 13-year-old sex crime? Constand said the calls to her university-issued cellphone pertained to Temple women's basketball, and stopped once she left the school.

The mother testified about two phone calls she had with Cosby in January 2005, one lasting more than two hours and another, much shorter call the next day.

The impact was blunted when Constand pointed out, under questioning from the prosecutor, that numerous calls came after Cosby left messages for her and that he did not answer when she called back.

"He was talking about it nearly like he was leading me to believe it was consensual, or it was OK".

I said Andrea will need therapy, I'm sure she will need therapy from this. She says he also apologized.

"She continued to do her job", Constand's lawyer, Dolores Troiani, said outside court.

"He was sorry for what he did", Constand insisted. "I also testified earlier that I was also really nervous and I wasn't able to recall every particular moment that I had seen Mr. Cosby".

McMonagle's framing also points to another issue: Just as some people might only trust rape survivors who can remember every detail of their assault perfectly - which can be hard, if not impossible to do - people often try to label what they believe is the "stereotypical" perpetrator and give the benefit of the doubt to anyone who doesn't fit that profile.

Cosby has faced sexual assault allegations from dozens of women, though Constand's accusation is the only one to lead to criminal charges.

Judge Steven O'Neill said the trial, being heard by jurors bought in from Allegheny County, could wrap up earlier than the original estimate of two weeks.

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