Corbyn says May should resign - three days before general election

Cheryl Sanders
June 5, 2017

Asked again if he was calling on her to step down so close to an election Corbyn said, "We've got an election this Thursday and that's perhaps the best opportunity to deal with it".

His comments came after Steve Hilton, a former adviser to David Cameron in Number 10, said Ms May was "responsible for security failures of London Bridge, Manchester, Westminster Bridge" and "should be resigning, not seeking re-election".

The Prime Minister used a campaign speech in London to focus on Brexit and the economy, but was repeatedly pressed over whether she would reverse the cuts to police numbers since 2010.

Ms May said that since 2015 police budgets had been protected "despite the fact that Jeremy Corbyn's front bench suggested that police budgets should be cut by up to 10 per cent".

The Opposition leader was asked by ITV News" Rachel Younger if he held Mrs May "in any way' responsible and if cuts to the police contributed to the London Bridge atrocity.

"I'm not backing away from anything, I'm saying there is an election on and there is a choice for everybody".

She said Mr Corbyn's commitment to never leave the European Union without a deal would leave him open to blackmail from Brussels.

He snapped back: "Let's be very clear - there is an election on, everybody has a choice, a lot of people are very angry and would have wanted her to resign were she still Home Secretary".

'And with the support of people across the country at the ballot box on Thursday, that's what I will do'.

The Labour leader's comments came as Mrs May's record as home secretary, when police numbers fell by nearly 20,000, was under the spotlight following the second terror attack during the election period.

Mr Corbyn has launched personal attacks on Mrs May for the first time in the campaign, insisting she bears responsibility for cutting police officers despite terrorism warnings.

Just eight minutes after being called to the scene during Saturday's attack at London Bridge - in which seven were killed and 48 injured - all three plotters had been shot by armed police.

The latest Press Association's poll of polls - a rolling seven-day average of published surveys - put the Tories on 44% with Labour on 37% - the highest figure for Jeremy Corbyn's party since the campaign began.

It would be unprecedented for a Prime Minister to resign during a General Election campaign, and would force the Queen to appoint a temporary PM until the election result is known on Friday morning.

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