British PM May says she does not predict election results

Cheryl Sanders
June 5, 2017

Earlier, Mr Corbyn said he backed calls for the Prime Minister to resign over cuts made to policing during her tenure at the Home Office following London terror attacks.

He attacked May for protecting United Kingdom citizens "on the cheap" by cutting 20,000 police officers from the force.

Jeremy Corbyn has said he does not think Theresa May should quit over police cuts just hours after suggesting she should resign.

In an interview with ITV News, Corbyn said May should resign because she presided over government cuts which reduced police numbers by 20,000 when she was home secretary, following the third deadly terror attack the United Kingdom has faced in three months.

Emily Thornberry, the Labour party's spokesperson on foreign affairs, told BBC radio that she regretted the approach May had taken, saying that what the prime minister was proposing was "drawing us into a [political] debate".

She said Mr Corbyn was "not fit to negotiate a good Brexit deal for Britain".

"We have also provided funding for an increase in the number of armed police officers since 2015".

Mrs May insisted: "The Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police has said that the Met is well-resourced, and they are, and that they have very powerful counter-terrorism capabilities, and they do, we have protected counter-terrorism policing budgets".

"Jeremy Corbyn has boasted that he has opposed those powers and opposed the powers for anti-terror actions throughout his time in parliament".

The business tax plan was "not leadership" and while it made "a good soundbite for an election" it would be "a disastrous policy for our country".

Ms Dick said she hoped the pace of the attacks in the last nine weeks would not become the "new normal". "Now, we see this terrorism copying others, using crude means to attack us and do us harm".

"But when it comes to taking on extremism and terrorism, things need to change".

"Mrs May's comments came in her first campaign speech since Saturday's terrorist attack in London, as she sought to move the agenda back onto Brexit and a direct comparison between her and Mr Corbyn's leadership".

"What I will say is that we are making sure that we identify acts where police and others have really given people help and support and shown bravery in this incident".

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