Backhoe Used to Break Into ATM

Cheryl Sanders
June 9, 2017

To his credit, though, the backhoe robber did put the stabilizers down before he started peeling off the ATM's skin.

A man steals a backhoe in Prince George's County and then uses it to rob an ATM.

Investigators suggest the suspect could be the same man involved in another robbery in March 2016.

Despite the brazen attempt and metal muscle, police said the man left without cash from the ATM.

But the attempted robber was left frustrated after the machine proved too hard to crack.

The June 1, early morning incident was caught on surveillance video. "Please help us get him off the street before he upgrades to a helicopter".

In that case, he and two other suspects reportedly broke into a tobacco shop on Marlboro Pike, where they stole cash and an ATM.

"He stole an ATM the first time and now he's upgraded to a backhoe", said Lt. Coleman.

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