Windows 10 S won't let you change the default browser to Chrome

Yolanda Curtis
May 6, 2017

Although users are yet to experience the actual battery performance of the all-new device, Microsoft has assured that its flagship laptop is specifically created to outlast any version of MacBook available in the market today.

But why would you possibly want Windows 10 Pro on your Windows 10 S machine? Windows 10 S will also be free for all schools now running Windows 10 Pro PCs, and include free Office 365 education with Microsoft Teams.

Ported Win32 apps are not as restricted in Windows 10 S. However, they are still prevented from installing and running background services without specific user authorization.

Microsoft recently unveiled its Windows 10 S operating system, along with its new Surface Laptop. It will be available from June 15. The company says that these apps are verified for security to ensure consistence performance of the system. Windows 10 S users will be able to upgrade to Windows 10 Pro for $49. This is possible because Windows 10 S is a lightweight version of Windows 10, with less hardware configurations that will allow it to be run on cheaper and less powerful computers as low as $189. This could count as a major drawback for the baby Windows 10.

WCCF Tech reported that Windows 10 S brings one major change that sets it apart from all the other editions of Windows 10. The latest 13.5-inch addition to the company's Surface lineup is created to work with the company's new Windows 10 S operating system that was also unveiled alongside the device.

Customers who purchase Windows 10 S may upgrade the operating system to Windows 10 Pro for free before the year ends if they are dissatisfied with it. Schools that are using Windows 10 Pro PCs can also choose to install Windows 10 S for free, along with Office 365 Education and Microsoft Teams. This means that Microsoft's latest Surface brand can outlast the likes of Apple's MacBook range by a significant margin. It also runs Windows 10 S. But what's most surprising is it's IO - Microsoft has opted for standard USB ports on this guy rather USB-C which is obviously the future.

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