Venezuelans march against Maduro's proposal for new Constitution

Cheryl Sanders
May 9, 2017

Key opposition leaders refused to participate, contending that Maduro does not have the authority to call for a constitution rewrite without first putting the initiative to a vote by the general public. "We have a constitution, and the government can not repeal it by act of force".

Jaua invited the opposition to a meeting on Monday about the constitutional reforms.

Supporters say the US -educated economist and leader of the hardline Popular Will party was sentenced by a kangaroo court because he was seen as a political threat to unpopular Maduro.

"They are therefore now engaged in a multi-faceted campaign to bring down the administration of President Nicolas Maduro by any means necessary; and central to this campaign is a strategy of psychological warfare, in which the media are assigned a critical role", Comissiong argued.

Hundreds of people were evacuated from buildings in this big coastal city in western Venezuela on Monday after security forces fired tear gas during a clash with protesters and the gas spilled into homes, schools and a hospital.

Like other anti-Maduro marches, the protestors were met with police in riot gear.

None of the demonstrations has managed to reach the center of the capital, considered a bastion of Chavismo, the left-wing ideology created by Maduro's predecessor, Hugo Chavez. Jaua, a former vice president and foreign minister, told them the assembly would provide a path to peace and co-existence between the opposing sides.

"The doors are open, especially to the spokespeople of the MUD". He has repeatedly said that his sentence was politically motivated.

"Do not leave the space free", he warned, adding, "this could be the last election in Venezuela".

Although the Supreme Court restored parliament's authority after local and worldwide outcry, protests against Maduro's government continued to escalate.

From now on all citizens arrested for "instigation to rebel" will be judged in military tribunals, a top military official said on Sunday.

Luis Almagro, the head of the Organization of American States, lashed out at the reported detentions in a video.

"We're facing an armed insurgency", he told state television on Sunday.

In eastern Caracas, a thousand demonstrators sang or played drums, violins and guitars as they marched Sunday against the violence of the past month.

"We make our own the pain of the Venezuelan people and say: 'Enough of so much repression!'" the bishops said in a letter published May 5. "We are not terrorists".

"It's very nice to live in Bondi (beach) while they're killing all the students", an unidentified Venezuelan shouts at Rodriguez' daughter, who appears to be in her early 20s. "We are with the people, united". He was honored at the march.

She said yesterday that she had finally seen him and quoted him as saying: "I am well, I am alive, I am strong".

It is time for "the dictatorship to end".

The governor joins other leaders pushing for Lopez to be released.

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