United Nations panel calls for revising Japan-S. Korea 'comfort women' deal

Cheryl Sanders
May 13, 2017

North Korea said USA and South Korean agents bribed and coerced a North Korean man into joining the plot which was foiled by its state security ministry.

The United States has failed to put in place enough senior diplomats to tackle the North Korean nuclear threat and trade issues in East Asia, worldwide policy experts told an audience this week.

Details are scant, but center around claims that the U.S. "corrupted and bribed" a North Korean working in Russian Federation, who they identified only as Kim, and sought to use him to assassinate Kim Jong-un with a bio-chemical weapon.

President Donald Trump on Wednesday invited South Korea's new president to visit the White House after an election victory that could cause friction between the allies over how to deal with North Korea's nuclear threat.

North Korea is subject to global sanctions over its nuclear and ballistic missile programs, which Pyongyang sees as a deterrent against a potential invasion by its adversaries. "I am willing to go anywhere for the peace of the Korean Peninsula - if needed, I will fly immediately to Washington".

South Korea's new President Moon Jae-in is one of the leading figures in the pro-democracy movement which led to South Korea's first democratic election in 1987.

Moon Jae-in's advocacy of engagement with North Korea has appeared to contrast with the approach of the United States, South Korea's main ally, which has been seeking to step up pressure on Pyongyang over its nuclear and missile programs through further isolation and sanctions. The extension of that designation would trigger even more sanctions. An intensified North Korean threat naturally raises fears in South Korea of America's will and ability to come to its defense, and Seoul and Washington should jointly agree on measures created to sustain confidence in American commitments.

Unquestionably, China has considerable economic leverage over North Korea given the North's dependence on Beijing for its energy and food supplies. China has over the years tried to coax North Korea into cautious, export-oriented economic reforms, rather than sabre rattling and nuclear tests, but to little avail. Both men taught North Korean students at Pyongyang University of Science and Technology.

It has been in high-indignation mode for the past two months because of military exercises between the US and South Korea that it sees as a prelude to invasion.

Pyongyang will seek the extradition of anyone involved in what it says was a CIA-backed plot to kill leader Kim Jong Un with a biochemical poison, a top North Korean foreign ministry official says. Despite Chinese anger at North Korea's repeated nuclear and missile tests, China remains the isolated state's most important economic and diplomatic backer, even as Beijing has signed up for tough United Nations sanctions against Pyongyang. Those talks collapsed in 2008. -South Korean alliance and to disabuse Beijing of its notion that South Korea is simply acting as part of an American scheme to contain China.

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