United Kingdom parliament votes on snap election in Brexit's shadow

Cheryl Sanders
May 13, 2017

Battling to assert control over his own divided Labour Party as well as to convince the country at large, he sought to tap into widespread voter frustration with the political elite.

Mr Corbyn said that a Labour government would conduct "responsible" Brexit negotiations to ensure future trading relations with the remaining EU.

Even though opinion polls show the Conservative Party is likely to perform strongly, lawmakers from the opposition parties were expected to go along with May's call - perhaps out of fear that resisting an early election would make them look weak. With the Labour Party now, and for the foreseeable future, being in disarray with an unelectable Leader, and head-in- the-sand attitude towards uncontrolled migration, borders and loss of national Sovereignty, her prospect of winning the election with a greatly increased majority is looking very promising.

The opposition Labour Party and Liberal Democrats welcomed the chance to put their policies to voters, though the Scottish National Party called the election a cynical political ploy.

"I was pleased when Teresa May was appointed PM and I believe since then she has brought the country together in the run-up to triggering Article 50, maintaining a calm and measured approach to negotiations with the EU".

Theresa May will reportedly include her Brexit negotiating priorities in the Conservative General Election manifesto to lock Remain-backing Tory MPs and the House of Lords into backing her stance.

But as she spoke Mr Corbyn explicitly ruled out any post-election coalition with the SNP, insisting that he would not do a deal with Nicola Sturgeon's party to forge a so-called "progressive alliance", as hers was not a progressive party.

Jeremy Corbyn will deny that Conservative victory in the June 8 election is a "foregone conclusion", as he makes his first keynote speech of the campaign. Far from undermining support for Corbyn, the Labour leader actually increased his majority.

The Prime Minister's office at No. 10 Downing Street said that May will not engage in any public television debates with Corbyn. She has a slim majority in Parliament, a potential problem if negotiations with the European Union become contentious and opponents threaten to obstruct some of the domestic legislation she needs to pass.

Long-time financial backer Arron Banks quickly announced his intention to stand for Parliament and leader Paul Nuttall embraced the snap election decision.

"She would be less at risk of being taken hostage by supporters of a "hard Brexit"... and we will see what she really wants to do", said Ignacio Molina, of the Elcano Royal Institute think tank in Madrid.

Theresa May easily cleared the hurdle needed under the Fixed Term Parliament Act to bring the poll forward from the scheduled date of 2020.

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