Spotify Codes make it easier to share and find music

Yolanda Curtis
May 9, 2017

Spotify has begun rolling out a new way to share music with your friends. You can easily send a link to someone and they can stream that song on Spotify, provided that they're a member. Using the snap-to-scan method above, you can scan Codes from flyers, posters and billboards. Spotify Codes can be examined from screenshots.

Spotify hopes that these codes will simplify the sharing process between friends, artists and their fans, and labels and their listening base.

The code is not being officially published by Spotify but US users are expecting to get the code earlier than other countries. It works in a similar way to a QR code, but looks completely different. Hover the camera over the code and you should be taken straight to the music in question.

Spotify Codes are a great addition to its phone apps, but I don't expect them to be contained there for long. I can see them on v8.4.2.636 from April 29, but there are a few newer versions you can grab from APK Mirror. Called Spotify Codes, you might now notice that under individual songs, playlists, and albums, there is an addition of a soundwave-like barcode. The feature could prove to be really useful in face of the fact that Spotify has removed the in-app messaging service. Codes can be scanned by opening the search box then tapping the camera icon. Content can then be shared between devices by hovering the camera over the code found underneath music or artists.

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